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Pinus parviflora var. pentaphylla

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Family: Pinaceae

Provenance: Volunteer collected from Arnold Aboretum near conifers.

Date Acquired: 3/2017

Approx. Age at Acquisition: 2-3 years


-3/2017, collected and planted in pot. Grew strongly through summer. Wired into position.

To do: plant over rock or repot? Allow to grow freely and thicken.


Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine)

Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine) #1

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Family: Pinaceae


Provenance: Collected from Saw Mill conservation area, Burlington, MA from a pocket of lean soil on exposed granite face. Nearly all feeder roots intact.

Date Acquired: 3/4/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: ~10 years


-3/16/2016, collected and planted in ground. Top leader removed. Tree in good shape with 1-2″ needles at time of collection (possibly due to water/nutrient deficiency on rock face?). Full crown and beginning to put out mature bark.

-9/2016, growing strongly.

-10/2016, Limbs pruned back to one or two nodes.

-4/15/17, Tree looking dry, some damage to branches.

To do: Foliage must be chased back using pruning and pinching. Tree must be repotted into training pot in spring.