Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood)

Family: Cornaceae

Provenance: Two airlayers from parent tree in Winchester, MA. Layers started 6/2016.

Date Acquired: 9/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: Layered branches 5-15 years old. Tree possibly greater than 40 years old.


-9/2016, Two airlayers removed after leaves had dropped on brach but not on rest of tree. Callous tissue on cut sites of both layers and few, minuscule reddish roots. Some dead stems but some buds still living. Layers dusted in rooting hormone and potted in 50% sphagnum and 50% bonsai mix. Fingers crossed.

-11/2106, Layers moved inside to back porch for the winter.

-3/1/17, Not many signs of life, but some branch tips are still alive.

-4/18/17, Some twigs still green and pliable, but not swelling or budding.

-5/17, Airlayer expired


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