Chaenomeles japonica (Flowering Quince)

Chaenomeles japonica (Flowering Quince)

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Family: Rosaceae

Provenance: Purchased from Mahoney’s Nursery, Winchester MA. Around 2′ tall.

Date Acquired: 8/2013

Approx. Age at Acquisition: ~5-8 years old


-8/2013, Planted out in yard and mulched to allow thickening.

-6/2104, Tree eaten at by rabbits; protected with chicken wire and all root suckers removed.

-4/2016, Tree healthy but not much growth due to wildlife, caterpillars and shade. Tree transplanted and pruned, wounds sealed. Potted in 45/45/10 mix.

-6/2016, Suckers left to grow out and upper trunk layered with sphagnum moss. Bottom to become a small clump shohin and top to become a small mame. Prolific aphids treated with neem oil.

-9/20/2016, Air layer removed with very few roots due to the tightness of the moss. Layer potted in mostly sphagnum to keep moist.

-11/2016, Bottom reduced to stump with small leader and root sucks with a few nodes each. Repotted in 50/50 bonsai mix in small bonsai pot. Tree seems alive.

-2/25/17, With unseasonably warm weather, tree has begun to show breaking buds all over.

-2/28/17, Shoots trimmed back to one or two buds; central stump must be carved. Shoots must be pruned vigilantly.

-4/18/17, Tree fully leafed out and flowered. Shoot tips pinched and tree fertilized with slow-release pellets.

-5/3/17, Tree flowered and growing strongly. Tips pinched.

-9/5/17, Tree growing strongly, treated for persisting woolly aphid infestation with neem oil.

-1/5/18, Tree growing strongly, overwintering on back porch.


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