Chaenomeles japonica (Flowering Quince) #2

Chaenomeles japonica (Flowering Quince) #2

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Family: Rosaceae

Provenance: Airlayered from larger Chaenomeles

Date Acquired: 11/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: Branch approx. 3-5 years old.


-11/2016, Airlayer removed from parent tree with very few roots due to tightness of sphagnum moss. Potted in sphagnum/bonsai mix to prevent desiccation. Layer seems alive.

-2/25/17, With unseasonably warm weather, the airlayer already shows signs of breaking buds.

-2/28/17, Tree is pruned to mame size, and transplanted into a tiny pot. Not many roots, but the layer seems alive and may survive with adequate watering.

-4/18/17, A few minuscule leaves but no other signs of growth.

-5/17 Airlayer expired


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