Ligustrum sp. (Common Privet)

Ligustrum sp. (Common Privet)

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Family: Oleaceae

Provenance: Two individual plants collected from a row of hedges on a residential property in Belmont, MA. Selected from many stems before leaf-out.

Date Acquired: 4/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: 10+ years


-4/2016, plants dug and separated from undesirable stems. Two trunks planted together; encouraged to grow together. Roots cleaned, stems cut back to upper trunks.

-7/2016, many new long shoots from all over both trunks. Shoots were pruned in June to balance vigor. No trace of pests or disease. Tree fertilized with slow-release NPK.

-9/2016, growing strongly.

-11/2015, branches pruned back to 2 or 3 nodes depending on high on trunk. Leaders left to grow out.

-12/5/16, tree brought inside for winter storage. Primary limbs selected and wired into position.

-4/18/17, Tree repotted into bonsai pot in March. Tree leafing out tips must be pinched soon.

-9/4/17, Tree grew strongly through summer. Many new branches and dense foliage.

-1/5/17, Tree grew strongly through fall; pruned in Nov. and overwintering on back porch.


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