Lagerstroemia sp. (Crepe Myrtle)

Lagerstoemia sp. (Crepe myrtle)

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Family: Lythraceae

Provenance: Purchased from Bonsai West, approx. 2′ high and growing well. Nice nebari but unsightly twin trunks.

Date Acquired: 8/2013

Approx. Age at Acquisition: 8-10 years


-Winter 2013/2014, protected in garage during dormancy.

-Spring 2014, planted in ground, growing well.

-Fall 2014/2015, some dieback due to marginal hardiness in zone. Late leaf-out led to many new shoots.

-4/2016, uprooted, root pruned and potted in ceramic pot in 1/2 and 1/2 mix of turface and grit. Pruned back to trunk and single leader.

-6/2016, tree growing vigorously, many new shoots all over trunk and branches. Treated for aphids with neem oil and fertilized with regular slow release NPK.

-9/2016, growing strongly.

-11/2016, tree examined after leaf-fall. Undesirable straight upper trunk and too-large branches the result of not pruning and pinching during growing season. Tree chopped back drastically to leader and two side branches. Large branches removed and wounds sealed. Carving used to mask scars on front of tree. Placed in stairwell for winter storage.

-1/1/17, tree composted to make room for new acquisitions.

To do: Must be repotted in spring into small bonsai pot. Ramification must be induced by carefully pinching out growing tips.


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