Cornus alternifolia (Pagoda Dogwood)

Cornus alternifolia (Pagoda Dogwood)

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Family: Cornaceae

Provenance: Self-layered branch from Arnold Arboretum accession 612-2007*A.

Date Acquired: 11/3/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: Parent tree accessioned in 2007; layered branch looks to have been 5-8 years old and layered around 2013.


-9/2016, Layer separated from parent branch to encourage root growth and self sufficiency.

-11/3/2016, Layered stem transplanted. Approx 3/4″ thick with low side branch suitable for developing into second trunk. Layer is approximately 5′ and very leggy and thin due to it’s growing within the dense foliage of the tree. Reduced to 1.5′ single stem and side branch to encourage taper. Roots cleaned minimally and slip-potted into standard 50/50 grit and turface mix in wooden training box to thicken for a few seasons.

-11/15/2016, Tree reduced further and trunks wired. Placed in back hallway for winter storage.

-4/17/18, Tree fertilized with slow-release pellets. Beginning to leaf out.

-9/5/17, Tree grew strongly during summer, many new shoots. Undesirable root removed and wound healed nicely.

-1/5/18, Tree grew strongly through fall. Overwintering on back porch.


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