Forsythia sp. (Forsythia)

Forsythia spp. (Forsythia)

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Family: Oleaceae

Provenance: Started as an airlayer from a thick, mature stem of an ornamental forsythia in Burlington, MA, at family’s house.

Date Acquired: 5/2014

Approx. Age at Acquisition: Parent plant approximately 20-25 years old.


-5/2014, Airlayer started with sphagnum moss.

-7/18/2014, Layer removed strong roots growing. Planted out in yard and staked; protected with chicken wire.

-Spring 2015, trunk cut back to main leader.

-3/2016, many new shoots on trunk pruned back to few nodes. Tree dug roots cleaned and pruned, planted in plastic training pot in 45/45/10% mix.

-7/2016, vigorous growth pinched back to create branch taper. Tree very healthy.

-9/2016, Winter buds formed, rot noticed on lower portion of the trunk. Attend to while repotting in spring.

-11/19/16, Senesced leaves removed and tree brought inside for winter storage.

-2/25/17, Buds beginning to swell with warm Feb. temps.

-4/18/17, Tree root pruned and moved into smaller bonsai pot in March. Tree flowered limbs pruned. Growing tips pinched. Tree fertilized with acid-loving fertilizer.

-6/17, Rotting wood found near base of trunk; peeled away and carved to remove rot.

-9/4/17, Tree grew strongly through summer. Initial shoots pinched and did not extend further during growing season. Top leader extended, pruned, and re-extended.

-1/5/18, Tree grew strongly through fall with not branch extensions. Pruned and rewired in November. Wet wood near trunk continues to rot.



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