Rhododendron sp. (Azalea)

Rhododendron spp. (Azalea)

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Family: Ericaceae

Provenance: Collected in good health from a Beacon Hill courtyard garden. Good nebari and vein of deadwood down front. Species undetermined. Approx. 2′ high.

Date Acquired: 7/2015

Approx. Age at Acquisition: ~10 years


-8/2015, Potted in potting soil after reducing height to two main branches.

-10/2015, Tree growing vigorously with new shoots all over. Planted in ground.

-4/2016, Tree uprooted and root-pruned; planted in standard 45/45/10 mix in plastic training container.

-6/2016, Tree looking weak with yellow foliage (iron deficiency due to high pH levels in tap water). No new shoots. pH remedied by watering with small amounts of vinegar in water.

-7/2016, Tree fertilized with acid-loving mix to remedy chlorosis.

-9/2016, Tree suffering from infestation of lace bugs with many dechlorinated leaves. New shoots growing all over.

-10/10/2016, Tree fertilized with low-nitrogen fertilizer for dormancy prep.

-12/5/16, tree brought inside for winter storage.

-12/29/16, bottom leader removed to make single curved leader. Wound carved with dremel and sealed. Minuscule branches thinned out and some upper branches wired to shape canopy.

2/25/17, Tree moved outside.

-4/18/17, Tree rootpruned and potted into bonsai pot. Fertilized with acid-loving fertilizer.

-5/3/17, Flower buds removed to improve vigor; one left to photograph. Awkward branches pruned.

-9/4/17, Tree grew strongly through summer. No pruning. Fertilized with ericaceous fertilizer to prevent chlorosis. Leaves lush and green. Slight lace bug infestation.

To do: limbs must be allowed to grow out and thicken. Thin out after flowering next season.


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