Prunus ‘Karl Sax’ (Flowering Cherry)

Family: Ericaceae

Provenance: From cutting. Extra plant from the 2016 Arnold Arboretum plant give-away. Around 3′ high, reduced to ~2′ with single leader.

Date Acquired: 9/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: <2 years


-9/2016, Left in pot and reduced to ~2′ and single trunk. Repotting next spring; leave to grow out, wire and cut back for shonin or mame.

-10/2016, Fertilized with low-nitrogen fertilizer to prep for dormancy.

-11/15/16, Trunk reduced and wired for movement, brought inside to back hall for winter storage.

-2/28/17, Tree uprooted and roots cleaned. Many new roots, growing strongly. Roots pruned back hard and tree planted in small bonsai pot.

-4/18/17, New buds expanding on trunk. Tree fertilized with slow-release pellets.

-5/17, Tree expired.


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