Pinus strobus (Eastern White Pine) #2

Pinus strobus

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Family: Pinaceae

Provenance: Collected from rocky soils under power lines near Mill Pond area, Burlington MA. Major roots cut during removal but many feeder roots intact. Major branch near apex and 1/4 of total foliage removed. Trunk has interesting curve and roughish but immature bark, possibly due to previous trauma. Reduced to approx 2′ high.

Date Acquired: 4/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: ~5-8 years


-4/2016, Tree in excellent health. Previously removed branch stub cut back and jinned. Leader bent back with guy wire towards trunk in attempt to shape apex. Slight crack due to bending, fixed with electrical tape wrapped tightly around joint. Potted in shallow bowl with 1/2 grit, 1/2 turface mix.

-6/2016, Tree growing vigorously with many new candles.

-9/2016, Top branches removed leaving a single small sidebranch that will be developed into the apex of tree. All removed branch stubs jinned with some bark removed from trunk. Hopefully the tree survives to be repotted in the spring.

-10/30/16, Tree removed from training container and slightly root pruned. Many new roots. Minor root pruning and the tree is plated more upright in a standard mix, inoculated with old soil.

-10/2016, All but single side branch removed to become new apex. Stubs jinned and bark stripped back on upper removed branch.

-11/2016, tree repotted and slightly rootpruned, planted in training pot.

-12/5/16, tree brought inside for winter storage.

-3/17 Died due to desiccation due to root pruning.


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