Pinus rigida (Pitch Pine)

Pinus rigida

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Family: Pinaceae

Provenance: Collected from granite slope on Whipple Hill, Lexington, MA in grove of promising pitch pines. Most roots intact with ample mycorrhizae.

Date Acquired: 4/13/16

Approx. Age at Acquisition: ~8-10 years


-4/13/2016, Tree collected and planted in wooden training box in 1/2 grit, 1/2 turface mix. Trunk reduced from around 5′ to 2.5′ at time of collection. Many suckers from large basal burl.

-5/2016, Tree budding all over. Upper branches wired. Suckers to be gradually removed. New unwanted buds removed to balance vigor.

-7/2016, One large basal sucker removed, new buds have leafed out, new needles much larger, 3-4″.

-9/2016, All basal suckers removed and new buds removed. Wire removed after substantial trunk thickening with some scaring.

-11/15/2016, Two major limbs removed and stubs left to be jinned.

-12/5/16, tree brought inside for winter storage.

-12/15/16, tree lightly rootpruned and repotted into large ceramic bonsai pot.

-2/28/17, After frustration trying to establish a suitable design for this tree, most branches removed and single leader branch at apex left to become new branches and apex. Leader removed and carved.

-9/4/17, Tree grew strongly through summer. New candles pinched back before expanding fully. New buds removed through growing season. Late summer foliage expanded only a few centimeters.

To do: New leader/branches must be allowed to grow freely and thicken. Bud midway up trunk must be allowed to grow and thicken to become sacrifice branch and later jin. Tree must be repotted in spring and holes drilled/moss applied to encourage new root growth.


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