Pinus rigida (Pitch Pine) #2

Pinus rigida

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Family: Pinaceae

Provenance: Collected with Pinus rigida #1 from Lexington, MA. Small tree in decent health. Around ~10″ tall with many basal suckers.

Date Acquired: 4/13/16

Approx. Age at Acquisition: ~4-6 years


-4/13/2016, Tree collected and roots cleaned. Planted in 1/2 tuface, 1/2 grit.

-6/2016, Tree budding out all over after looking nearly dead.

-7/2016, New buds have opened and begun to leaf out.

-9/2016, Tree completely reduced to basal buds and single bare trunk due to unappealing burl on upper trunk. Will hopefully become a nice mame.

-10/2016, Trunk and dead shoots jinned.

-12/5/16, tree brought inside for winter storage.

-12/15/16, tree lightly rootpruned and repotted into smaller ceramic pot.

-4/18/17, Tree composted because of health decline and new acquisitions.


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