Ostrya virginiana (American Hophornbeam) group

Ostrya virginiana (American Hophornbeam) group planting

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Family: Betulaceae

Provenance: From cuttings. Extra plants from the 2016 Arnold Arboretum plant give-away. 5 saplings of various heigh and diameter.

Date Acquired: 9/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: <2 years


-9/2016, Left in pots for winter; will be planted in group/clump in spring.

-10/2016, Fertilized with low-nitrogen fertilizer to prep for dormancy.

-10/30/2016, Most foliage dropped; winter buds have formed. All trees barerooted and planted as a group planting in a shallow bowl in a 50/50 mix. Saplings will be left to grow and thicken together.

-11/15/2016, Senesced leaves removed and trees moved into back hallway for winter storage.

-4/18/17, Trees fertilized with slow-release pellets.

-9/4/17, Trees fertilized and grew strongly through summer. Trunks thickened nicely. Leaf margins scorched during late summer but buds formed nicely.

To do: Tree must be repotted in multi-stem design in spring. Three or five trunks? Use images from Naka for inspiration. Should bases be cut and allowed to fuse or simply planted together? Afterwards, stems must be wired and allowed to thicken freely. Plant at a slant.


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