Ilex verticillata (Common Winterberry)

Ilex verticillata (Common Winterberry)

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Family: Aquifoliaceae

Provenance: Purchased from Mahoney’s nursery in Winchester, MA. Female plant around 4′ tall.

Date Acquired: 7/2013

Approx. Age at Acquisition: ~5-8 years


-Summer 2013, Planted out in yard, no pruning.

-Spring 2015, Tree cut back to single trunk, side branches removed, sealed with petroleum jelly.

-3/2016, Tree dug and root pruned, planted in training pot in 45/45/10 soil mix. Trunk chopped back and sealed.

-7/2016, Growing vigorously with 5 new shoots, 1-2′ tall. Pinched back in June to encourage balanced vigor. Suckers removed. Trunk chopped to first new leader and sealed with cut paste.

-10/10/2016, Fertilized with low-nitrogen fertilizer to prep for dormancy.

-11/15/2016, Thick side branch removed and wound carved out using dremel and sealed with cut paste to heal over. New leader selected. Two side branches reduced. Another central branch removed and sealed. All branches wired. Tree brought inside back porch for winter storage.

-4/18/17, Tree root-pruned and potted into bonsai pot. Buds breaking and tree fertilized with acid-loving fertilizer.

-9/4/17, Tree grew strongly through summer, and flowered. New leader thickened.

-1/5/18, Tree grew strongly through fall, pruned in November. Overwintering on porch.




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