Hamamelis vernalis ‘Carnea’ (Cultivar of Ozark Witch-hazel)

Hamamelis vernalis 'Carnea' (Cultivar of Ozark Witch-hazel)

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Family: Hamamelidaceae

Provenance: Two volunteer seedlings collected from below accession 18886*A at the Arnold Arboretum, Boston MA.

Date Acquired: 9/2016

Approx. Age at Acquisition: <1 years old


-9/2016, Seedlings collected and potted in standard 45/45/10 sphagnum mix topped with sphagnum. Will be trained into a twin-trunk.

-10/10/2016, Fertilized with low-nitrogen fertilizer in prep for dormancy.

-12/5/16, tree brought inside for winter storage.

-4/18/17, Tree repotted into small pot to be trained as a mame. Fertilized with slow-release pellets.

-9/4/17, Trees grew strongly through summer.

-1/5/18, Trees potted together and wired downward. Overwintering on porch.


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