Plant Image Library

Recently I’ve been thinking about ways to both store and share the massive amount of photos that I accrue, so that they’re not just sitting on hard drives in a desk drawer, completely useless and out of sight. I thought about how much time I spend looking for royalty-free images of plants, and realized that with the miracle of modern technology, I can make my photographs available to the public by just sharing them on Flickr (which affords a massive amount of storage for free), in hopes that someone will be able to put them to good use. To formalize this endeavor a bit, I’ve created an archive that I will use to store and share my images:


The Plant Image Library is a database of images under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

I created this ever-growing collection of plant and fungi images as a resource for artists, educators, and whomever else might benefit from them, for whatever purpose.

The library is easily searchable according to specific tags (i.e. Latin or common names) or by more general tags (i.e. “trees”, “foliage”, “deciduous”).

These images may be used for many commercial and non-commercial purposes, as long as:

-Appropriate credit is given to the author

-Any redistributed or transformed material must be distributed under the same license as the original. 

You can learn more about the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license here.

For practical purposes, the images in the Plant Image Library are 1000×800 pixels in dimension. If you require larger images, feel free to contact me. I am also interested in knowing how you use my images, so please share your projects as well!


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